Torg Eternity

2nd Journal entry

Teagan Everleigh

11/12/17: Meeting with Fritz. He introduced Dr. Mara Hachi, a young human woman who appears
to be from a similar place as Kenji. She works for a human man named Quinn Sebastian who is the
head of the Delphi Council, a group of Storm Knights from Earth who are fighting the high lords. Fritz is thinking about our group joining the Delphi Council, I do not know enough yet to agree or disagree
to this plan. The man, Quinn Sebastian, troubles me because he is said to have the ability to anticipate the moves of the high lords without magic. We have been asked to find an artifact used by the high lords called a stelae and destroy it. Dr. Hachi explained to us that these stelae are attached to darkness devices. Darkness devices allow high lords to consume possibility energy. Apparently, darkness devices are sentient and may control the high lord using them. The stelae are created by the darkness device and transform the earth into the high lord’s cosm. Ripping up and destroying the stelae allows the earth and those living around it to return to normal. The only time this can be done safely for the ordinary residents who have been changed by the stelae is to be done shortly after great deeds by storm knights have been done in the area. If not done during this timeframe the ordinary people will die when being changed back to core earthers.
So we are to return to the area where we just came from. Dr. Hachi says that our deed done while rescuing Professor Yven are being told throughout the area making it possible for us to attack and possibly destroy a stelae in the area.
We flew in the stolen airplane to a place called Alexandrea where a stelae is suspected to be located. After searching the area we discovered a temple under the ocean that had to be traveled to by portal. Once there we battled changed humans, undead, serpents, a priestess, and an enchanted statue. In the end the stelae was destroyed and the earth and humans surrounding the area were returned to normal. We had to escape the temple under the ocean in a strange, small vehicle that swims because the portal to return was not reactivated.


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