Torg Eternity

3rd journal entry

Teagan Everleigh

Fritz invited us to meet in a special fluffy room. Since we have been successful in removing a stelae he has asked us to accompany him to a conference in a place called Hong Kong. We are to help him ask people for funding to aid in our war against the high lords. We are also to research the rumors that this area of the Earth has been invaded but shows no obvious reality change.

Min Wong a translator who is knowledgeable in many languages met us at the airport to take us to the meeting place. We stayed with Fritz while he set up meetings. I got an amazing new bow at the weapons area. As we were leaving several people arrived and attempted to kill us. They were unsuccessful.

We discovered that they were sent in an attempt to frame the Insidious Woo-Han. We met with Woo-Han, who told us he would give us information about a new high lord whose realm is capable of spreading a terrible illness. For the information we must retrieve reality bombs that were stolen from him. He convinced us that it would be very bad for the new high lord of a realm called Pan-Pacifica to keep and use the reality bombs which would spread the infection anywhere they were used.

So we went searching for the bombs. I contacted a follower from facebook to gain help in locating the place suspected of hiding the bombs. The boy-child helped us to the location but then proved to have vile intentions regarding our personal relationship.


mrroderick 27angel

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