Torg Eternity

Playing with fire


We are need of a car, so our Russian spy code name Deadeye tries to intimidate the poor man at the rental station. After much debate and laughter, on my part, we “procure” a vehicle. Tomas, being a bit paranoid, starts looking for a tracker on the car. He does not trust these people. We need to get to the blasted lands and this is taking too long. We all finally load into the car, but we have to stop in St. Petersburg for some supplies. After some shopping, Deadeye is out $2250.
There is so much destruction in this poor area. I feel bad for the people that used to live here. When we find Belinchuck’s camp, we find it emptied and overturned. Someone has come and clean it out and our professor is still missing. Teagan starts tracking to see where Belinchuck has been taken, when all of a sudden we are attacked by a bear, make that 2 bears. These bears have been transformed. They have some cyber wear on them. After we had taken care of the bear, Teagan tells us that there are some tracks we need to follow. The tracks lead to an industrial park that is surrounded by a fence.
Veda comes out to meet us and tells us she does not have Belinchuck, but will give us information regarding his whereabouts. She needs our help to take out a demon and his minions before she will answer our questions. We told them we will help but we get first pick of the hoard. Veda wants to do a full frontal assault. She wants to blow up the walls and buildings where the demon is hiding in. Our people place some explosives on the front gate and in we go. The big boss comes out, the thralls, come out, and the fighting starts.
We killed them, we killed them all!
After the fighting is done we sell our have back to Veda for $3000. She explains what happened to Belinchuck. Veda came across his camp while Belinchuck is being kidnapped by Ali “The Gunslinger” Byon and an undercover reporter working for Suleamon Hussan in the Nile Empire, so I guess we are going home.
The Nile Empire
I know Suleamon Hussan he has a basement office in a warehouse. He owns a paper that tries to expose Pharaoh Mobius. When I knock on the door the secretary answers and we have to push passed her. I need to speak with Suleamon Hussan. He won’t talk to us, so I have to put on my charm and use mind control. As soon as I do I get the answers I want. I know that his undercover reporters name is Gazie Rafeck. Hussan is going to set up a meeting with him and us at The Cairo Club.
We easily get to the club, Hussan gave us the password to get in. We are lead to a nice table and the music is great. Gazie comes to our table and starts speaking to us. He tells us that the “Gunslinger” has Belinchuck. He is holding him hostage for…we never find out as poor mister Rafeck has been shot. As we look towards the back of the club we see a man in a black trench coat heading out the back door. We all start to go after him, but I trip over my dress. By the tie I finally get to my feet and to the back door. I see two dead mean holding tommy guns, and Max and another man in hand to hand combat. I control Max’s guy and then he knocks him out. Teagan jumps off the roof and helps Kinji with his guys. We hear police sirens, so we take the two men hostage, and drive away.


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