Torg Eternity

Day 1: The day the Earth was invaded

I have been asked to meet with the leader of the Storm Knights headquarters. I have met with some people that are helping this world send the invaders back to where they came from. Some of them are quite weird looking, one almost glows. The leader of this society is named Fritz. He has given us some history of what is going on in this world. Many worlds have come to invade Earth. One High Lord did not make it to this world because the people of that country fought him off. In some parts of the world, the dead walk among the living.
Professor Yevin Belinchuck was sent into Moscow to follow up on some tech. He has stopped communicating with this organization. Fritz is going to send us into Moscow and promises to send us reinforcements. The girl with the big ears had a lot of questions. The train ride was very long with all of the questions. We finally made it to our destination. A big sign said “Welcome to Tharkold” That was a nasty storm, but we made it safely to the other side. We are on own way to Belinchuck’s apartment. The door is locked. Maximillian tries to call the Professor, it goes to an answering service. KSuji picks the lock and opens the door.
Holy Crap the Russian spoke in my mind. I don’t like that. He needs to get out of my head. His apartment was ransacked. He had a computer that someone has snapped in half. I gave it to Tomas and KSuji, they are going to figure out how to see what is inside of it. Some luggage his missing.
We go down to the local store and use a computer. We need to find out what is on this “jump drive” KSuji is stalling the salesmen. They are not communicating well at all, but it is funny to watch. Then KSuji disappears, it was awesome. Apparently we have to go the blasted lands because the professor needed to find some parts for his projects. We need to find the professor so we have to follow his lead. Tomas told us we were being followed. An average looking man with salt and pepper hair, mid 40’s in a suit.
And then the fight begins…we have to deal with 2 church police and the guy following us. This just became its own storm. The Russian blew the 2 church police apart…they are all over the place. One of them had a chip in his head. I don’t really know what a chip is, but I heard that the Cyber papacy likes to install them into people. We bring the first follower back to his hotel room and look through his room. He has a computer in his room, some orders on the professor, and some of his notes. They lost him after the mafia made contact with him. They saw him being followed by a “Secret Asian Man”, wearing silken robes. They know where the mafia is located a club called The Crucible. Mikel Odenusa is the owner of the Crucible and is a bad guy. We have to go “clubbing”, I guess that means we are going to a night club. Teagan says, " I don’t own a club" We head to the club. The Russian has a contact to get into the club. It is Sasha, Mikel’s cousin. We tell him who and what were are looking for. He tells us that they dropped the professor off in the blasted land and he gave us the location and a map for the professor.


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